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The response we had from our initial research led us to our unique tasting Homemade Shito.

Shito quite simply means “pepper” in the Ga language, the native language of Accra (the capital of Ghana).  Until recently, the recipe for this condiment could not be found in cookbooks but handed down from mothers to daughters verbally, making it difficult to tell when or how the recipe originated.

Our Shito can be adapted to compliment a variety of dishes typically where you’d use hot or chilli sauce/oil.  You could simply use it as a dip for your starters, accompaniment to your main dishes or simply as a cooking ingredient. For more ideas on what you can eat shito with, click here

Our sauce comes in two flavors


Packed full of flavour for those who enjoy their sauces with limited heat


Packed full of flavour for those who enjoy their sauces with a bit more kick.


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